Right-o, so! Today is off to a good start! I find out that my ex-love-of-my-life has been rather... umm... busy.

Here's the story:
She meets this guy a couple years back on a trip to freaking missionary camp, of all places. He wanted to date her at the time but she had no interest in a relationship. After she rejects this guy, he goes and gets a girlfriend. They date for about half a year, then his girlfriend meets my ex at missionary camp. They become pretty good friends. After this, the three of them seem to hang out quite a bit.

Now, you may think this is going to end up in a threesome, but it's much, much more complicated than that.

Mainly, because her friends just broke up. She's torn between the two, celebrating with the girl and consoling the dumped guy. Poor sap got his heart broken...

Here's where the rabbit warrens start. First off, this ex of mine is currently 15. Second, she *knows* that the girl dumped the guy because she was cheating on him.

....but that's not the best part.

The girl was cheating on the guy with my ex.

That's right.

Lesbian sex, age 15. Devout catholic.

Worst of all, she giggles girlishly about it.

I'm scared.