Oh, hell. I dunno. It's kind of hard for me to answer this question, considering I've given head to a lot more strangers than I've actually slept with. But I have an idea. I'll answer this question as a gay man who would rather give a blow job than sex to a complete stranger.

All right, let's cut to the chase. You want to know why gays think men would rather give a blow job? Here's why...

Less fuss, less mess.

No, seriously, that's it. Have you ever had anal sex before? There's so much mess to worry about making and then there's the cleanup stress afterwards. How are you going to explain those odd stains to the cleaners? No, thanks. Now, I don't know about the rest of you people, but I see anal sex as something you save for someone you really like or are fuckbuddies with. Everyone else? They get head.

Giving a blow job is a lot more sanitary in the long run as well. There's no lube to have to clean. There's no unidentifiable stains. No patches of extraordinarily stanky smells. Unzipping is all the preparation you'll need. And afterwards, no matter if you spit or swallow, cleanup is usually a breeze.

And it's also more like a friendly gesture between good gay friends. Say your friend has had a hard day at work and comes home all stressed out. You wouldn't exactly take him to bed, but you might give him one hell of a blow job. I know I would. If you meet a nice guy at a club or something and don't want to take him to bed just yet, but want to give him something to remember you by, what better way than to offer him a service? It's just friendly.

So, the next time you wonder why gays think men would rather give a blow job than sex to a complete stranger, think about what I've said today and then try to picture yourself in their shoes.