So I’m riding the bus this morning, as I’m apt to do on mornings before school. In keeping with my recent fascination with psychedelics, I happened to be reading DMT: the Spirit Molecule. It so happened that a young gent across the aisle asked me about it. He’d taken LSD and shrooms a few times, but was curious about this fascinating little endogenous tryptamine. We had a quick talk, me admitting I’d never had the opportunity to indulge in any mind-altering substances, him giving me all the advice I’d heard before – set and setting stuff. Nothing terribly exceptional, but a fun demonstration of how pursuing other interests will attract other people of the same creed, whether you anticipate it or not. What stuck with me was the intensity of his gaze. I hope I can afford a gaze like that someday.

Otherwise, the semester draws to a close, the weather improves and things are generally good. Parties, bike rides, camping trips and kite flying all lie ahead. I wish I didn’t have to dislike education quite this much.