From by adamcole

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

I know how much everyone enjoys the original so I thought I would post on the newest version of one of the best games out there, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. It comes on the 20th (Wednesday) but if you have a mod chip and a little patience it has been available for download since the beginning of last week. (I don't know the attitude of the blackrage community when it comes to video game piracy so I will assume for now it's a-ok *at least it keeps you from renting at blockbuster right?*) This game kicks improves on everything the original was lacking in. My review for you:

Gameplay: Same as the original with the addition of manuals and all sorts of new special moves. The levels are nice and have plenty of hidden secrets. The controls are smooth and just like you would expect them. Nothing but improvements as far as gameplay goes.

Sound: It has some great tunes. A wide variety of different types of music as well. It has some old school NWA, Millencolin, Lagwagon, Rage Against the Machine and even Anthrax. I like all of the songs except for the two that were on the THPS2 demo. Those two songs bug the hell out of me I have heard them so much. The game starts off with Guerrilla Radio by Rage so you know it has to be good.

Features: It has create a park and create a player now. Create a park makes the replay value go on forever. The create a player has most of the bases covered (you can even pick the skate logo for your T-shirt) but it doesn't let you change your hair color or select your exact weight. That bothers me. So instead of my guy being just like me he has to have dark hair and weigh 217 (the next step up was 238 and that makes your dude look damn fat) The weight and hair thing are nitpicky type stuff though. You earn cash to buy new moves and boards and tricks. You can set the tricks you want (even the specials) which adds to it even more. If you go into the options you can even try out Brett Hoffmans (I think) Pro BMX. It's just like THPS2 but on a bike. It's really cool though. You should check that out too. The last level is in the middle of a bull fighting ring and it has that cool circle pipe that Tony hawk rides through on the beginning of part one. It has some crazy drop-ins as well.

My final opinion is buy it if you don't have the means to get it for free. Hell, I may even buy this one to keep the people paid that make these games. Neversoft rocks and know exactly what they are doing. Get it when you can.