"How to write a day log and be interesting without trying too hard."

Today I miss my pal Danny. It's just managed to get cold here in Texas, and the fact that it is cold reminds me of when I lived in Boston. My roomate at Berklee was a guy named Danny. He's a songwriter, he looks just like Elton John, he's gay, and he comes from a mormon/army family that totally doesn't support him and has only fucked him up.

Danny's innocence when I arrived at Berklee endeared me to him, although he didn't much want to be my pal. We ended up being friends, but at the end of the spring term I left Boston and came home to nurse my hands.

He was left pretty much alone, wasn't mixing well with our old group of friends, and eventually retreated into self-deprecation. Danny was afraid of being gay because his upbringing taught him that Jesus would hate him and his life would be horrible and that he'd burn in hell. He only went after straight men because he knew it wouldn't lead to anything. He wrapped himself up in the Mormon church and hated himself for no good reason. We've lost touch now .

He wrote really great songs.

German augmented sixth chords resolve down. I learned how to apply that five part writing last night. Go figure.