Rain wouldn't have made today less enjoyable.

It was that weird sort of weather you only get at this time of year: half a second away from raining all day long, but it never does. It's been raining nonstop the last two weeks, so the roads are covered in after-rain mud. As such, whenever anyone drives close in front of you, you get road sludge on your windshield.

And I ran out of windshield wiper fluid on the way out of the parking lot.

So, at dawn, I'm driving to work, directly into the sun, with this grime kicked up on to my windshield. I was basically blind, in Dallas rush hour morning traffic. It sucked.

I found some compositions by Robert W. Smith on Napster. If you are into orchestral and symphonic music, I highly recommend checking this guy out.

Gotta get political on my website and get the last message out to vote.