I called that guy who owes me $3,646 every half an hour yesterday, until noon. Then I called him every 20 minutes, then evey fifteen. When we finally spoke at three, he let me know that he was on his way to a meeting but, and I quote, "I swear I'll be able to pay you something tomorrow. I promise. Let's just not get the state involved. Please?"

So, in twenty minutes I'll be showering, getting bundled up, and heading my ass out to Plano, TX to get half my due.

In other news, on Saturday, two monumental things are going to happen:
  • It's going to snow in Dallas, TX, where I live, which never ever ever happens
  • I'm going to meet Mike Modano

One last thing: Something happened almost immediately after I day logged yesterday: I was called by a recruiter from AOL.

Is working for the enemy worth a six figure salary?