Today I begin composition on a new project which was quasi-commissioned by an old friend. He's also my old band director.

I've been wanting to produce some instructional literature for a while and also to compose something within the bounds of reasonable difficulty so that I might get it published. Something that isn't severely attached to my emotions so that I can take a step back and analyze whether this piece serves a function past expression.

Expression is good but at the same time I would like to be able to become disassociated with a work if I must, and this will be good practice.

Five Pieces For The Clarinet will be just what it says, five pieces for clarinet. The actual clarinet used will change so that, in effect, it will be one performer playing a different clarinet for each piece. The piece will be five motivically related movements in a large scale structure.

The first movement is for Bb Clarinet an it is what I'm beginning today. I'll decide on a motivic subject for the entire piece and begin developing it.

I'm very excited about this.