Games that features some good examples of modern scoring:

Ultima Online - Whether you like the game or not, the music has to be looked from a musical standpoint and appreciated. The period pieces (Trinsic, Britain, Buc's Den) are extremely faithful to a medieval style, and the more modern pieces for the magic cities (Occlo, Magincia) are sometimes pleasant and sometimes spooky. These pieces are all midi with no sampling and its how midi composition should be done: the finished product sounds good on any system.

Unreal Tournament - The reason I mention this music is because it never gets old. It is perfectly incorporated into the media its backing up, and as thus functions like any good film score should. The midi scoring is never so thick its distracting, but its never too thin. The orchestration employed (whether the composer intended this or not) is almost perfect; you always hear what's going on and what the composer wants you to hear.

Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption - Not only is this game visually stunning, the soundtrack was beautifully recorded by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and conducted by the composer who's name unfortunately slips my mind. This music uses an mp3 delivery system rather than midi and I seriously hope that this is the wave of the future, both as a composer and a gamer. The music is beautiful, chilling, emotional, and very very well written.

In my experience, it's more difficult to write 45 2 minute pieces of music than one piece that's an hour and a half long, because with the 2 minutes pieces you have to get in and say what you mean and then get the hell out. There's no time to develop, no time to screw around with acoustic staging or the big reveal. In short, the music for this game was better than most film scores I hear on a daily basis.

I would like to hear which music from which games my fellow noders have enjoyed. I'll be adding to my w/u as time goes on.