"Hey, don't get bummed out. It's better than chemo."

This is what my dermatolgist told me today as he was performing the 4th wide excision on my back. I've had five moles removed. One was melanoma and the rest have been dysplastic, which means "Uncancerous but having ambition to expand the empire." I've been laid up and in pain since early December, and it's starting to get on my nerves.

Today was when I learned that I have another three months of this to go through. Because all of the moles have had tendancy so far, more have to be removed than originally thought. And by removed I mean cut out. Biopsied. Excised. Ninja chopped. Argh.

Also, my first real girlfriend IM's me last night as I'm on my way to bed. She tells me she's marrying a guy she's been dating for 2 and a half months. It's a Church of Christ wedding, so there won't be any dancing, any music, or any booze.

I said "Why not just toss it in at the end of Sunday service and save everyone the cost of formal wear?"
She said, "But it's still a wedding! You don't have to have booze and music and dancing for it to be a wedding."
I said, "I'm not talking about the wedding, I'm talking about the reception."
"Oh, well we'll just stand around and talk and stuff. It'll be great!"
"Won't there be any food or punch I can spike or anything?"
"Uhm.... no. Not really."
"You know, ancient warring nations that performed sacrifical virgin killings had better weddings than this."

After that the conversation was pretty much downhill. The only other interesting thing I learned was that the exact carat weight of the engagement ring is 1.88.

Does it seem weird to anyone else that she knows the EXACT carat weight of the diamond, down to the hundredth?

It never would have worked between us.