I actually had two dreams last night.

The first is one of my favorites. It's a recurring dream I've been having since I was round about 6, and it revolves around this ranch house in Missoula, MT, at 657 Melody Lane. I'm convinced I'm supposed to live in this place someday. It's so nice, it has this giant natural rock fireplace and big couches and a leather chair with a pull over desk that's just perfect for a little composing. Then there's my giant rack of digital studio equipment, samplers, sequencers, etc etc. I had a dream about the Roland JP-90 in 1993. Yeah, I know. Sometimes I freak myself out.

The second was about 30 seconds long, and it dealt with the spitting Mr. T hose attachment toy, that you could throw sponges at. If you hit it, it would spit water at whoever was on the other side. I had one of these when I lived in DeSoto, TX. In the dream, its me when I was six, and I'm playing with it, but I'm alone. I remember I was tired of being scared.