Preface: I don't usually do dream log nodding... infact, this is my first... perhaps that is because so often, I have these wild dreams, or so the people who are awake around me at the time claim, based on the moans, groans, and screams of extasy that I emit during the night, but I don't remember them when I wake up. But this night was different... so very different.
I'm not sure how it all started.. all I know was I had an intense sense of fear, as if my life was in danger... but it wasn't myself I was fearful for, it was this girl. She was young, maybe 19, tops, her hair was brown and wavy, he features almost asian in nature... she spoke but once the entire dream, and then I wish'd she hadn't. I don't know what her name was, I don't know where she came from, but she was there, and she needed help.

There was a band of us at her aide: myself, an older, scrawny gentleman, who during the course of my dream lost his arms to some strange leprosy type affliction (they literly wilted away, like twigs, smaller each time I gazed apon them), an old best friend I haven't seen in probably five years, and, in a very strange twist of reality, an ex-girlfriend of mine, and her younger sister. A motley crew of heros if ever there was one. I don't think any of us really knew what we were saving the girl from, only that it/them had wanted her, and we musn't let it/them get her. Infact, I think that was the first thing the man with withering arms said to me:
"Don't let them get her!"

And so my dream went, us running from place to place in my past, always dragging the girl with us, trying hard to stay one step ahead of the unknown fates chasing her... from the library of my middle-school, where we partook of some fine marijuanna, and alcohol while sharing stories of old, always looking timidly over our shoulders, as if the fate we were trying to outrun would spring on us from one of the bookshelves... eventually ending up back at my old home, a townhouse that I haven't lived at in five years, that has actually now been torn down, to make way for a park, or some other public place of fun and frolic. Strange thing, the entire house was just as we had left it, empty and void of anything except dust. Yet there was music playing from somewhere in the house, not just a trickle either, but a full blown party soundtrack. The six of us danced, drank, and relaxed, for here we felt safe...

At some point we decided to lounge on the porch, watching the stars, when out from the living room came a loud crash, followed by a soul-wrenching scream from the girl who until now, had not spoken. I ran back inside, to find the music was gone, the ceilingfan hanging broken near the floor, and the closet door busted in, as if something horrible and tormented had escaped from it, and where the girl had previously sat, was left only a pool of blood, and my dusty old stuffed Winnie The Pooh. I walked towards the closet to inspect it closer, and there was another crash, and a terrifying noise, unlike anything I'd ever heard before.

Thankfully, I awoke.