Rebel Yell is a bourbon whiskey made in Louisville, Kentucky. It was first distilled in 1849, and the distillery was founded by one W. L. Weller.

The stuff was originally only sold locally, and it was discontinued for a time (when, I cannot find). In 1961, it was reintroduced, apparently for the 100th anniversary of the American Civil War. It was not sold north of the Mason-Dixon until 1984. It is a "wheated" whiskey, meaning wheat is used in the mash instead of rye.

Rebel Yell is $21 for a handle (1750 mL) in Pennsylvania as of this write-up. That is about the cost of a week's worth of groceries for a frugal house of three in the US. It is also the number of years one must have behind one (rounding down) in order to legally consume it there. All that said, Rebel Yell has, in my opinion, the best quality-per-dollar on the bourbon market (the "best of the cheap").

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