I had a dream a few days ago,
I was dreaming that I was dreaming that I was dreaming that I was dreaming......and so on until my alarm went off
every time I woke up I was still asleep
Do you see the first lines of a poem?
It was really kind of terrifying after awhile because
I was beginning to wonder if I was trapped in my dream.
The funny thing is that they say you cant dream about nothing,
if you are dreaming about a dream is
that any different than dreaming about nothing?
I suppose it is because you can not remember nothing
and you can't be terrified about nothing unless it is about your future

then a few days later I had another thought provoking dream

this dream was about a fire in one of
the dorms. This is not always a good thing since whenever I dream about
fires something similar happens shortly thereafter. Like the time the boiler
at school blew up and we had to go home in the middle of witer with no
coats. but that is besides the point. It could have easily been a
metaphor for the climate between my brother and I at the moment.
The dream was split into two parts.
The first part I was running errands all over campus. I was literally
running. Why cant I burn calories by running in my dreams? The dorms
were oddly spaced apart. 'am not sure where Van Meter is but I know its
not in the middle of a field like it was. Inside were all the people at
UMASS I graduated high school with. I cant say there are any that I'm
really friends with. The building was in flames and no one could get out, I
had to run a half a mile to find a yellow call boxes. (for emergency
phones they are not spaced very well) and when I kept calling 911 the
line was busy and there were smoke plumes coming up all over campus.
When the fire trucks came they got everyone out safely (even though
they had been trapped in there over an hour) For some reason I ended
up in jail. I don't know if this is the same dream or not because it doesn't
seem to follow a sequence unless I was somehow accused of setting the
fire which is not logical but I was asleep. We were forced to wear Pink
flowery cotton clothes and our beds were like small dog beds
and this girl didn't like me so she was really mean to me so I beat the hell
out of her and I was really scared because I knew as soon as someone
found out they would kill me so I grabbed some ones hand (this is the
weird part) I knew I was dreaming but I was trapped in the dream and I
couldn't wake up. And I told this girl to squeeze my hand really tightly so
that I would wake up. I did wake up it was 11:57 AM.So I made a pot of
coffee it took me about an hour to really enter back into reality. So I
wonder. People that inexplicably slip into comas in their sleep. Is it
because they get trapped in their dreams and they cant get out. Or was
I just unconsciously thinking about the movie THE CELL. I'm curious as to
whether or not I would have woken up if I had not squeezed some ones
hand to wake myself up, If you die in your sleep you don't necessarily die
in real life. I have. But is it possible. I think it might be.