The back of your heart is where you push all the emotions you want to forget about, the lovers you want to get over, the friends you somehow lost. In the back of my heart, I still love my first flame, but most of the time, that's not a present thought. There'll be something that reminds me of her. Something someone says, or a song on the radio. Sometimes she'll just sneak up on me from the back of my heart in a conversation. Out of the blue, I'll say something like, "Oh.. Sara always liked that.."

I should push my ex into the back of my heart but I can't. It's not time yet. Right now, she still is the foremost in my thoughts. Right now, everything reminds me of her.

Maybe I'll call my first love today. I haven't heard her voice in a while, and it'll appease the howl in the back of my heart.