Even the finest of noders has an inner troll, which he or she must fight constantly to avoid petty flamebait. You know you've been pissed off enough at another noder before, maybe even enough to want to node bad things about them.. but you must fight it, you must resist. This is just your inner troll trying to climb out and slap that noder around with the proverbial wet trout.

Another time when you are tempted by your inner troll is when you are near that next level, so NEAR that you can taste it. I know that Cow of Doom is fighting the inner troll right now, because that's where I got the idea for this node from!

Just remember, though, that sometimes you have to get in touch with your inner troll to stay a healthy noder.

I must mention how it was hard not to write an entirely trollish node with a title like this.

Unless that line just ruined it for me..

Thanks to Cow of doom for this Chatterbox Special!