I would like to find the man (or woman) who invented the so-called half-sour pickle and hurt them. Severely. Maybe jam half-sour pickles up their nose, or something like that.

The problem with "half-sour pickles" is that they're really not pickles at all. It's like you take a cucumber and wave it NEAR a jar of pickle juice, and then toss it on the plate. Tada - half-sour pickles. They don't taste as good as a cucumber, and they definitely don't taste like pickles. More like partially embalmed cucumbers, pickled enough to stay crisp for a few more days than a fresh cucumber, but not enough to taste yummy like a pickle. What, are they LAZY? In too much of a hurry to make the pickle a proper pickle?

Worse, they seem to be a trend. Lots of sandwich shops these days serve half-sours with their sandwiches instead of real, honest-to-goodness, yummy pickles. Argh?!! Can't I just have my damn pickle?