Another one of those legal mumbo-jumbo type documents, generally attached to software. I'm convinced that the Evil Corporation developed these things to make more money than they deserved off of software. Oh, I'm all for paying software developers what they're due, but since they only make pennies for every shrink-wrapped boxtm, it's really a moot point to them. It's the publisher that gets the biggest chunk of the dough anyways, for doing the least amount of work. That is.. simply fronting the money for boxes and cd's, more or less. Disappointing, really, considering that I AM and plan on being for some time, a software developer.

But anyways, back to the evil of EULA's.. they used to only appear on the outside of packaging.. i.e. "By opening this, you agree to comply with our evil rules and laws and the way we think you should use this software", but now they commonly appear in every install program for every single piece of software written. Like most people, these days I click right through the damn things these days, since usually I am in too much of a damn hurry to read the latest version of the WinZIP EULA or the WSFTPle EULA. I have this sneaking suspicion that one of these days, a piece of software is going to screw me over by hiding something towards the end of the EULA, effectively in the "fine print", so to speak, that says they're going to collect lots of information about me and sell it to evil corporations that are going to simply use it to try to sell me stuff that I don't want or need.