Worse than seduction is unintentional seduction..

You know, where she looks at you. Your recent ex. She still has the eyes you fell in love with, the lips that kissed yours like no others, that smile that warmed your heart. She tosses her head back and laughs, her hair falling over her shoulders, the ones you used to warm with your lips. Her smooth neck that curves up under her chin, and you remember how she used to like it when you scratched her under that chin like a friendly cat. Worse, you remember how she would playfully purr at you and nuzzle your neck. One look and she has melted your heart all over again, the pain wells up like blood from a fresh wound and spills onto the ground in audible droplets. She left you.. but your heart never understood that. It still aches as if it misses her when she stands right in front of you, and you hold her like an old lover instead of an old friend.

You tell her jokingly, because that's the only way you can force the words out, "Don't be sexy". She laughs and smiles at you winningly and you can hardly stop yourself from trying to kiss her. "I said stop that", you say as your heart melts and runs into a puddle on the floor. You pull her into a hug because she will always let you do that, but you wish, still, that there could be more.