One of the places the WPI Men's Glee Club stopped at on their tour of the Czech Republic in March of 1999. Other stops included Czesky Krumlov, Kromeriz, Telc, Brno, and of course, Prague. The most beautiful of these was Kromeriz, where we performed with a group of very attractive and talented young ladies, of whom I think all of two spoke English. Ahh well, we all drank beer and had a good time anyways.

Actually, Czesky Budejovice was the scariest and dirtiest town we stayed in on our 10 day trip. The water at our hotel was NOT drinkable by any stretch of the imagination. *shudders*

And for the record, Budvar is almost as bad as it's American counterpart. Much better were beers like Staropramen, but the best was Paegas.