An amusing thought I stumbled on in probability class this morning, before I even had any caffeine. If someone can only count to ten, wouldn't anything LARGER than ten be considered infinity to them? So, we can see their infinity as being 11.. or 12.. or what have you. We can MEASURE their infinity. Theoretically impossible, except when the person who is imagining infinity isn't very creative.

I now consider infinity not to be only a mathematical idea, but also a measure of how imaginative and creative your mind is. If you can comprehend thousands of galaxies, containing millions of stars, around which orbit billions of planets, you might be able to begin to imagine the enormity of THIS universe. On the other hand, if all we knew about were the several hundred thousand stars we couldn't count in our night's sky, then our infinity would be only one step past that. Not an order of power difference, like there is between imagining the seemingly infinite space of our galaxy, as compared to the even MORE infinite space of the universe.

So, the smaller the mind, the smaller the infinity. Kinda tricky, ne?