Vector arcade game manufactured by Atari in 1982.

Quantum was designed by General Computer Corp. for Atari as part of a lawsuit settlement for a Missile Command speedup kit to which they affixed their copyright. Quantum was one of the games, the other one being Food Fight.

It was a conversion kit for Space Duel and Gravitar.

Rumour is that about 500 units were sold. The game was never a great success in the arcades.

The game allowed one simultaneous player (with a maximum of two players). The gameplay was original : you had to capture and destroy particles (Electrons, Nuclei, Photons, Positrons, Pulsars, Splitters and Triphons), while avoiding said particles and other obstacles (which, if captured, counted as bonus). To capture, you had to circle the "ennemy" with your probe's tail. It was controlled using a trackball.

Very unique feature : the player who achieved best score of the day got to draw his name (or whatever he wanted to draw, it was not surprising to find offensive stuff in the score table) using the same method of control.

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