I was at a sort of stupid outdoor daytime party with, as one would expect, lots of old people with their whole families.

My cousin was there too, and there was this girl I was in love with, amongst other friends.

Then there was a sort of contest, and my cousin (or was it someone else?) was on the scene, dancing and singing a song I forgot since then, thanks to Bog. When he came back to us he told me "It's your turn now" (of course he did not really told me this, it was in French, I rarely dream in English).

Well, I only thought about it for a few seconds and went to the scene. What else could I do? I started dancing the most stupid dance I ever danced while singing (phonetic translation) :

Ah ram tsam tsam
Ah ram tsam tsam
Booly booly booly ram tsam tsam
Ah ram tsam tsam
Ah ram tsam tsam
< Booly booly booly ram tsam tsam*

Ah raaaaaa vee

(at this point I realized the song was a canon, which means that another voice should have started the song back from the beginning, but I couldn't sing both voices with my own vocal organs, and was disappointed, which did not really stop me)

Ah raaaaaa vee
Booly booly booly ram tsam tsam
Ah raaaaaa vee
Ah raaaaaa vee
Booly booly booly
ram! tsam!


At the last tsam! I felt on my knees, opening my arms widly and grinned stupidly to the public.

I went back to my friends.

My cousin was chatting with this girl I was in love with, but I was not jealous, he is quite stupid and not really beautiful. One of the other friends however told me that I was jealous, laughing stupidly (Ok, I guess it was Night of the Stupid Mutants or something). This friend doesn't exist IRL, actually he existed in the dream as a whole group of friend but I did not really see any of them precisely.

Then we were in another place, (we being this girl I was in love with, another girlfriend and her boyfriend. I was flirting with this girl I was in love with and knew it was only a question a time, actually we were just waiting for the two other ones to leave so that we could fuck like rabbits.

More or less.

Her kiss was delightful.

All of her kisses were.

We were in a sort of outdoor bedroom, with only furniture, no walls or floor or ceiling.

Well they leave, or must have left (I did not see them leaving) because we (this girl I was in love with and myself) are now in a bed. I am under her (and I realize now that in most of my dreams involving sex and a girl, I am under said girl).

And now I know who this girl I was in love with was. She was half a girl I once loved IRL, and... Half an everythingian. I am not sure whether or not I should name this everythingian**, but this was the first time there was an everythingian in one of my dreams and it was a girl and it was good***. All first times should be like this.

Both of them are the same kind of girl, and they look pretty much alike, which is probably the reason why she was both of them in this dream.

After a while I saw she had a small thing in her hand, but I was surprised to discover that it was not a condom.

I must have waken up after that, because when I opened my eyes I was not sleeping anymore.

*Which doesn't mean anything but was a song I actually learnt when I was a kid.

**If you really want to know her name, /msg me.

***It could have been good with a male everythingian too, of course.