This one was a strange dream (aren't they all?)... but only a fragment of it is worth noding here.

I was with my girlfriend (who is, IRL, an ex-girlfriend) in a bed, under black satin sheets (which are the sheets I was sleeping in when I dreamt this, but in said dream it was another bed, another room... only same sheets).

Of course we started to make love (I often fuck in my dreams but this time it was making love).


After a while, my hands went to her back, to take off her bra and I (not really me, but my hands) felt something strange. I looked and saw she had two small nipples between the nape of her neck and the bra. Because they were higher than those at the usual place, they were not contained in the bra, but it did not matter because they were so small, and anyway, they were on her back.

Those mini-back-nipples immediately brought to my mind the image of a male friend of mine, who has (IRL, too) three nipples.

This thought made me forget all of my sexual intentions and I think this is when I woke up (with a small erection).

I swear my dreams don't often feature so many nipples... At least on a single person.