This writeup is brought to you by The Committee for Prohibiting Public Idiocy.

I hate everything.

No, I'm not trying to be pointlessly angsty. It's just a simple conclusion to the multifaceted irregularities that I seem to be facing on a daily basis. Not that they will necessarily prove to be of any importance to you. Or interest. I'm pretty sure I don't really care.

Hate is a strong word, too. But I think it summarizes my general appraisal of the situation well. It's not one of mild-to-moderate disgust, since that would be somewhat of an understatement. Nor is it a simple disapproval, or a sentiment of disappointment. Well, it is, but the magnitude of my sentiment can hardly be approached by weak similaries like "disapproval" or "disappointment".

"Hate" hits it home, and it hits it fast. No mercy.

I hate everything.

It's not that I'm dissatisfied with my status in life. Comparing to those that are truly needy, I have it pretty easy.

But ... well, either I'm just being a disillusioned brat, or I've realised something profound:

The more secure you are, the more you're inclined to be miserable.

It sounds ridiculous, I know. But think about it. If you're a slave, working the fucking corn fields for 18 hours a day, making about enough money to buy your starving family of six a packet of peanuts for dinner, your only hope and concern is to provide your loved ones with the means to survive. Hence, your life has immediate meaning. You have a purpose; not only that, but you have a genuine incentive to live. To provide for your family. You're not concerned with existential matters.

Still sounds shallow? Well, how about the middle class family, with their mortgage and two healthy children that attend high school and whine about their non-understanding boyfriends in shitty poetry. They still have to make ends meet. They'll work menial jobs they hate (or pretend to like), while still having to make time for cooking meals, doing dishes, washing clothes and shopping for the needs of a healthy family. It may sound like a piece of cake at an initial glance, but try doing that every single day for 40 years and your perspective might change somewhat.

It's only when you have everything you want that you realize you're still empty.

I'll use myself as a pitiful example. My family's not poor. I'm a spoiled kid; my parents love me, and they're prepared to offer their convenience and well-being for my sake.

So why the fuck aren't I content?

It makes me seem like the ungrateful snot-nosed brat to everyone who isn't in my position. I know, I'm supposed to be thankful for my peaceful upbringing that didn't involve sexual molestation and alienation (at least not from my parents); and believe me, I am. I'm not discontent with my upbringing.

I'm discontent with life.

It doesn't really matter how good a life you have. You'll still find something to complain about. And this is really my point: Even if you have "everything you'd want", as some would claim I do, you'll still be able to find faults with how the world has been assembled. You'll still find disillusion and discontent wherever you turn.

It's not because your life sucks.
It's because life around you does.

People are miserable. Streets are grey. Life is based on materialism and greed. Societal status is judged on a taste in clothes and popular culture decided by marketing executives and greedy corporations. You are expected to conform to standards that can be easily weighed and measured; otherwise you do not fit in.

People that do not "have it easy" do not have to deal with this. I do. I "have it easy", according to those that have to deal with immediate problems on a daily basis. They berate me for whining about inconsequential things. I don't think I do. When they solve their problems, they'll probably start thinking like me.

Or is it me that's wrong? I can't eliminate the possibility. But I don't think so. Dissidents may voice their opinions.

Is this why I hate everything? Yes. Because instead of thinking about these obvious obstacles, everyone opts to delve into wondering about inconsequential matters, such as gossip, fashion, sex or financial gain. Because it's easier to deal with.

That's why I hate everything. Because it's populated by people like you.

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