Used generically as a term for adhesive tape in many parts of the world and several languages, although Scotch Tape is in fact a trade mark of 3M and should be capitalised, if we're going to be pedantic about it.

In Belgium, a variety of strong pale beer somewhat akin to barley wine, some of which is actually made in Scotland (for export only) and some in Belgium by companies started up by expatriate Scots after the First World War. The most commonly available brands are John Martins and Gordons (so in other words, Gordons in the land of Magritte and Marc Dutroux is not gin but rather scotch, but not whisky either). Gordons is a product of the Scottish and Newcastle brewery conglomerate and may in fact be the same product as Gold Label barley wine, but sold in 40 cl tins rather than 1/3 pint nip bottles.