Now let's get this straight for once. You hear endless amounts of yadda yadda about how we foreigners don't really dislike Americans as individuals, just the actions of your government (and a few idiot tourists, but not as many as there used to be, and anyway, that would be the sort of digression that diminishes the impact of a proper rant).

Now, the USA is by all accounts a DEMOCRACY, and seemingly proud of it. That means that the power resides with the people. Hanging chads, yeah, vote early vote often, yeah, electoral intimidation, yeah, one-party republicrat state, yeah. I DON'T CARE. NO government is possible ANYWHERE without the consent of the governed, one way or another. So I'm not prepared to pussyfoot around about this any more. It's quite simple:

If you elect (or by your action or inaction allow to be elected) that imbecile neo-fascist baboon again I am going to hold YOU personally responsible, and cave in your skulls with a cricket bat.

Have a nice day.

Don't say you weren't warned.