My first write-up, just learning the ways of e2.

Flirting is more commonly known as courting. It's also just a friendly way to talk to your friends. It has been said that one male and one female (same sex if you are gay or lesbian) become friends because they are attracted to each other. This friendship usually is started by some sort of flirting.

Flirting usually occurs in 2 common ways, verbal and physical. The verbal almost always has some forward sexual connotation to it. The physical, being its nature, is also somewhat sexual. Tickling is the most often seen physical flirting between any 2 people. Verbally, the vulgerness (however you want to look at it) varies depending on how close the 2 people are. The closer they are as friends (not sexual partners) they more explicit they become. The closer they are as partners the more they involve the physical act of what was said. They are also more to the point rather than the beating around the bush type.

Verbal flirting occurs nearly every minute of our lives. Every time you talk to someone that you are friends with or have a relationship (or want to) with, you will say something with a sly sexual connotation to it. If you don't, then you should be. That is what "courting" is about.

When 2 strangers meet they create casual conversation, which can be see as flirting, but it's not really. It only leads up to flirting. Flirting is really directly related to sex.

In all cases of flirting, you are always complimenting the other in some way. That is the goal of flirting. To compliment them, either on their apperance, or by what you'll gladly do to (for) them.