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Let your logic guide your life, let your emotion experience it
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Hello fellow people,

I am just another being in this sea of beings. I am not a writer, I am a thinker. Ocassionally, I like to put my thoughts to paper...err...transitors...err...binary code...well, whatever shows up as text.

My background is about as fluid as jam. Full of potential unmet; yet cerebrally active all my life. I have questioned everything and answered a few. I am formally uneducated, yet informally well educated.

I believe one's vocabulary is the limiting factor to one's depth of thought. If your understanding everything you read, then your not challenging your mind (A Guide to My Record Collection - Steven Akey: an innocuous title, yet breathtaking in its grammatical range). Our mind is an unlimited resource that, sadly, most of us have never really tapped.

I think the great tradgedy in the next 100 years will be the contraction of the human mind. Our species, I believe, is descending back to where we came from on an evolutionary scale.