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Who is going?

People invited so far:
Those listed on the everything people registry: united states: california, bay area noders gathering, bay/oakland noders gathering, and #everything that seemed local or semi-local (within an hours drive or so).

People interested in going are:

http://sekzmalady.tripod.com/e2/nocal/ -- It is like m_turner's aftermath w/u except done visually and less detailed textually.

And yes... it is supposed to have cherries on it. I had the cherries in the icebox, but I forgot to mention it. Then again, the cream cheese is supposed to be beaten. Remember, people, beat the cream cheese before adding other ingredients! You don't have to have lumpy cheesecake.

 2001.08.27 at 03:55 RabidMonkey says My deepest apologies for not being there tonight - I was kept late at work, and by the time I showed up, there was nobody there :(

p.s. I'm really an 81 year old man who likes little boys. Be careful or I'll whack ya good with my walking cane.