Something else that people just don't understand, one hour is only a reasonable estimate of time for your pictures to be finished. At it's fastest, we can get it done in about 35 minutes. But when we are backed up about 20-30 rolls, there is no way we can get it done in one hour, or sometimes even two hours. That is why there is a sign posted that says, 'One hour is only a reasonable estimate of time and may be lengthened due to volume and technical difficulties.' And no, you cannot get your film cheaper. You are not paying for a length of time. You are paying to have your film done at the place where you left it, instead of sending it to an outside lab where it could possibly be lost or ruined (and trust me, with the volume of film they get every day, it happens, often).

So next time you go to a one hour photo booth, and the technician is backed up with 30 rolls, please show a little patience and tolerance. We are doing the best we can.