I woke up today, March 21, 2002, in a state quite like I had the other 365 days of the year, hung over. That being said, I'm not a drinker or even anything closely resembling an alcoholic. It's just every night I smoke myself into a pleasant delirium of marijuana induced bliss. My mind isn't quite as clear or as reactive as if could be, but I maintain a level of "happiness" or at least I pretend so that the world will let me be with who I am. Anyway, today began much as all my other thursdays have this semester with my Biology lecture and my usual breakfast of yoohoo and a cigarette. Today the thought struck me that I've slowly lost not only an interest in the world, but I've lost almost every ounce of my faith in this planet or more specifically the United States in general. Unlike my southern raised grandmother who has a strong opinion on everything under the sun, I have the decency to realize that I'm not educated on every subject that I think about, so I'll save myself the embarassment of a rant on something I'm ingnorant of. So as I'm sitting in this biology lecture with my diminishing faith in mind, I get this tune stuck in my head. Its not a tune I've ever heard before, and the words that seem to fit with it are something I also have never thought of, or even thought of writing. This being my first node, I am rambling incoherently, but the next node, I will surely include the lyrics and maybe even a bit of the music that will go into my "punk symphony of sorts". Afterall, its 12:20, and that means its time to get my mind spun bliss off to a 4 hour early start.