It is well known that during the Revolutionary War the Americans were often short on supplies. What is less well known is that this resulted in a great deal of innovation, including the invention of the kitten launcher. The kitten launcher consists of a solid base with a flexible pole rising about 15 meters vertically from the base. At the top of the pole is a small basket and a long rope. To operate the kitten launcher, the rope is pulled back until their is sufficient bend in the pole to easily reach the basket. A kitten with sharpened claws in then placed into the basket. To fire the kitten launcher, simply release the rope.

While at first glance this seems rather cruel to the kitten, it should be considered that the Colonial Kitten Corps had a lower casualty rate than the human combatants on either side. This is usually attributed to their six sense, which makes them nearly impossible to target, but their ability to always land on their feet should not be discounted.