This proves the dichotomous nature of Christianity. Which God do you worship? I have to say I'm partial (while still taking the Old Testament into account) to the New Testament God myself, as embodied by Christ. Plus, I think God is on a different track right now. I've fucked up many times in my life, and done un-Christian things but have not been killed or horribly punished.

I was thinking about this recently in my philosophy class. My professor pointed out how bizarre George W. Bush was when answering Barbara Walters question of: "Will your faith interfere with policy decisions?" His response was something along the lines of, "I am a Christian, and will use that when governing, but no I won't let it interfere with decisions like war and peace."

Setting aside the fact that Bush appears to not think before he speaks, how can this make sense? The only way I could rationalize his statement was to think that Bush must believe in both Gods, Old Testament and New Testament equally. How does he do it? Or maybe he just doesn't think about it.