Vacation Day 3

Well I sit here in Pawley's Island, SC dead tired and filled with a sense of déjà vu. There is comfort in what is known and expected, but as life changes with time I feel as though I am living in some kind of hallucination. It's all a replay of the past; it's as if I'm in a home movie, doomed to replay the same movements, words and gestures over and over again.

We spent Friday night in Charlotte, NC with friends. I was and continue to be struck by the newness of the city. We have stopped there year after year and there is always more construction and new roads.

I am not one to impede progress, but it's frighteningly Orwellian. It's planned community next to planned community, golf course next to golf course. Every lawn is perfect; every lawn is the same. New trees sit on all of the median islands. It's as if the whole of society has been planned and executed by some faceless corporation. Maybe I'm just too used to the northeast where things are older and different thanks to the changing winds of politics over time.

Why all of this disenchantment? Lord if I know. Maybe two counteracting forces are disjointing me; as they say, "As things change, they remain the same."