A Tale of Two Days

I have had a rather interesting day. Let's start in the beginning with the good.

I woke up this morning with a rather daunting task ahead of me. I was going to go to the academic dean of my college and ask for nearly $1300. I had to pull out of a class due to health concerns and missed the cut off day by several weeks. I walked in and explained the situation, and also told him that my parents make enough money that I can't apply for financial aid, but they don't make enough so that tuition isn't a burden. He was very sympathetic and understanding; and lo and behold he said he would give me credit towards taking that class in the future. I told my advisor I was going to do this, and she commented that I had a "snowball's chance in Hell", of getting any part of the money back.

Next I cleared off my desk several other mundane administrative duties, and then went to check my mail. To my delight I found out that I got a B in my journalism class that I had been rushing around to complete last week.

Now the second part of the day. It basically came down to my housing at my college. The housing itself is ok, but I hate trying to figure out who to live with. I assumed (along with my American roommate) that we would continue to live with our two Irish friends who we have shared an apartment with this past year.

To our surprise, they wanted to change things. Namely, one of them wanted to knock me out of the equation and bring in someone new. Oh, and did I mention that I heard this for the first time, 30 minutes before housing contracts were due? From this I learned something important:

In a coup d'etat, it's always best to be in a position of knowledge.

To my American and other Irish roommates' credit, they didn't want any part of it. But nevertheless, I still don't know what I'm doing next year, and I'm getting a migraine. Not a good way to end an otherwise great day.