...Not the writeup that you thought (hoped?) was here, indeed!

When I was a young noder (about, oh, a week ago) I came here from a node entitled girls can wank in a ladylike fashion and, having perused the w/us there, happened upon the title that you see here as a softlink from that page. Well, being the inquisitive type, I decided to follow the link and see where my LMB would take me. Lo, I came upon this desolate node, supplied only by the kindly Webster 1913. Though Webster is always helpful with the definitions, and downright factual, a bot lacks the certain soul required to provide a node entitled "Breastsummer" with something that lives up to such a grandiose and magnificent title.

And so, I set upon my quest, to fill in a w/u for a node that simply cried out for some attention! (And give all the people intrigued by the combination of the words "breast" and "summer" something to look at.)

The first draft, as I envisioned it, turned out to be rather poor:
The summer was quite hot. It was the summer when I became a man, and with becoming a man came many responsibilities. That was the year that we lost our friend to his drinking problem. When Cathy became pregnant and drifted away. Jason joined the army. And, behind the portajohns at the summer festival, I made out with Zoe. I never got along well with her, before that day, but one thing drew me to her...SHE HAD ENORMOUS HONKERS!!!
Reading and re-reading my handiwork, I realized that it was just not something up to snuff for this node. I had to give the people something more than a story ending with gigantic breasts. Who wants that, I berated myself. So, I tried again.

Behold, the second draft:
Back when I was but a lad of seventeen, I had a nextdoor neighbor of exquisite beauty, only a few years my elder. I had yearned for here since my days of youth. Many was the day I had seen her outside, smiling and tossing her hair. Though I knew in my mind that she would never consider me, I being but a child in her eyes, my heart didn't listen, and remained forever hopeful.

I remember the summer day clearly, one of the few occasions when my heart had triumphed over my brain, and the hope I had borne in my breast came to fruition. My neighbor was moving away, her parents had purchased a mansion on the other side of the state, and it would be doubtful if I would ever gaze upon her statuesque beauty ever again. It was with a heavy heart that I helped her family move their things out. Slowly, the boxes and bags of family affects migrated to the truck, and soon she would be leaving.

However, to my infinite delight and joy, during one of the last trips my neighbor stopped me, and struck up a conversation. She knew of the desire that dwelled within my heart and mind, and she thought that she could at least help to ease my sadness. So that day, that fine summer day, she took me into her empty bedroom and disrobed. SHE HAD ENORMOUS HONKERS!!!
This draft was lacking, too. I searched and searched my mind, trying to discover some inspiration I had for this node to be fulfilled. But, alas and alack, I could not find anything dwelling within my mind that could do it justice. It was a shame, too, and as I closed my browser, downcast and shamed, a sudden thought came screaming into my brain!

Furiously, I sat down and pounded away at the keyboard, clutching onto my idea so that it did not float away. Typing and deleting, creating and destroying, I finally got my thoughts out about this semi-mythical "breastsummer". Indeed, I attempted to provide a summation of what a thing would be, and hopefully some artistic expression to help further elucidate the idea. Here it is, the final version of the w/u that I would contribute to the node, "breastsummer":
Having just broken up with my girlfriend of three months, I wandered around the concert and sipped my coke. The reason we had broke up was, although we loved each other, got along grand, and were almost a perfect match in every conceivable way, my relationship with her chest was lacking. Every day when she fucked my brains out, I couldn't help but stare at her flat-chestedness with a little bit of sadness. Making out was such a chore, as she never wore a bra, so I never got the fun of taking it off. It was horrible.

But then one day, when I was waiting in line for a hat, I saw them. Gleaming DDs, their owner wearing a spectacularly low-cut shirt, and walking energetically. Well, I would've been a fool to let them walk by. I walked up and introduced myself to their owner, and struck up a conversation. God, she was dumb as a sackful of hammers, but her breasts were perky and interesting enough to make up for her lack of brain cells. I could see a nice, long future between me and those mammaries.

We got together a few days after the concert, and things went well. I got to know her breasts better and better, and I was quite charmed by them. Though things didn't work out in the long term between me and those breasts, I still remember that summer fondly. Eventually, as all things do, our relationship faded, and the only thing I have to remember them by is a gargantuan bra that they accidently left at my apartment. I like to pretend sometimes, as I remember what filled it up, that they left it here for me on purpose, as a token of appreciation for a summer of fun. Yes, that truly was a good time. It was, and forever shall be, breastsummer.

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