Ok. Here's my little pet peeve. Personally, I think our society is getting a little too 'PC' (politically correct) these days. People are just too sensitive.

However, there is one thing that I ask all of you to avoid. I am an American...but my parents are from Vietnam. Often, others...especially non-asians...cannot tell what ethnicity I am. And so, they blurt out in the middle of a conversation with, "WHAT ARE YOU?!"

SOmetimes, I respond with, "I'm human..how about you?" or.."I don't know..last time I checked..I was a guy"

Often, this question is replaced by the ever-so popular, "WHERE DO YOU COME FROM?". Now, this is a slightly less annoying one. They could be asking what city I'm from. However, usually when they notice my perturbed face, they add, "YOU KNOW...WHERE ARE YOUR PEOPLE?" Then...I get a little annoyed. Since when do I own a whole people? I'd say, "I don't remember owning one....maybe I lost it somewhere in the dryer."

Although, most people have an idea of where I'm from....and just ask, "ARE YOU CHINESE?!" If you look at the numbers...there's a better chance that I'm Chinese than any other asian ethnicity..so i don't blame them....but it's still annoying. It's like going up to a Pakistanian and asking, "Are you Indian?" or vice versa. Ask any Indian or Pakistanian how that feels.

I prefer the polite, "What's your ethnicity" "Where are you parents originally from?" or "Were you born here in the States?"

Try to be more tactful people. And please don't think I can't see you just because my eyes are a little squinty. hehe.