mullet* (mu' lit) 1. any of a family of edible, spiny-rayed fishes found in fresh and salt waters and having a small mouth and feeble teeth, as the striped (or gray) mullet.
2. any haircut which the sides and top of the hair are significantly shorter than the back.

the origin of the term "mullet" has been traced back to the film "cool hand luke", starring paul newman (as luke, what are you drunk?). within this movie a phrase with the word: 'mulletheads'. was used, and thus: a legend is born.

*other terms for the hairstyle known to me and many others as the "mullet" include, but are not limited to:

ape drape, schlong (short+long), hockey hair, soccer rocker, sfelbie (SFLB=Short Front, Long Back), STLB (same idea) IROC cut, camaro cut, sho-lo, the Billie Ray, neckwarmer, mudflap, kentucky waterfall, Canadian Passport, 10-90 (changes in numbers proportional to the amount of hair on top and on bottom), El-Camino, shag, business in the front, party in the back, the safety cut, the Tennessee Tophat, etc.

(taken and tweeked from the creators of mulletsgalore)