Never let a woman owe you money.

That's the advice I received earlier today on the bus from a guy that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Somehow he joined into a conversation some friends and I were having, where and acquaintance of mine mentioned a girl that he owed money.

An interesting guy, he was. Caucasian male, probably no more than 20 years old (still older than myself), buzzed hair, goatee, two nipple rings and the same number of tattoos (like I said, interesting guy).

If anything, they should owe you

He went on to prove a point through a joke: "What do a condom and a woman have in common? They both spend more time in your wallet than on your dick."

As rather sexist as this advice is, maybe this crazy guy has a point. Girlfriends are rather expensive things, probably not worth the time of the average man. But I'm going to read into this a bit further: if you're only in a relationship for its sexual aspect, don't waste your time.

I wonder if the crazy guy figured that too...