I work at a nursing home for the elderly who have dementia and/or alzheimer's disease. There are currently 8 residents living in this establishment and they are all very friendly to work for. I basically help them by keeping up with what they need and today I got to paint Doris and Marjories finger nails weren't they pleased with me. Tuesday and Wednesday I cook breakfasts and lunchs for the people then Friday through Monday I take a more active role by helping them to and from their rooms.

The home where they all live is interesting in its self whereas it is rumored to be Haunted by three ghosts (2 children one of which is a little boy and one is a little girl and another is an older adult woman) No one has actually seen them but have heard the children playing on the third floor during the night and playing in the attic. The folks that live their stay on the second and first floors but will all be on the first floor by February 18th 2004.

The building used to be a Hotel back when Roosevelt was a president because in the main hall there is a large photo of him sitting in the hotel where he stayed from time to time, many other famous presidents and governors have stayed there in the past before it was turned into a nursing home for Assissted Living. By the end of April it will be a Hotel again with 3 floors of rooms for guests to stay in. The Establishment is located in Bucksport Maine USA