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To laugh and make others do the same.
Growing mold?
"No! They're mine! They're in good condition!" Always use softener.
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I was born a young black man in -- wait wait wait, no, that's not right. I'm actually a 16 year-old girl living in a small town somewhere far away from you. I have, like so many others, fallen victim to insomnia, which is how I stumbled upon this mighty website not so long ago. After staying up into the wee hours of the morning reading up about everything from the female orgasm to Douglas Adams appreciation, I decided to make my voice heard, dag nabbit. I have a deep appreciation for literature and the arts in general, and pretty much everything I have to say is Fight Club / American Beauty / Monty Python-inspired (well, not everything, but damn close). Anyway, being new (and a youngun), I'm not expecting to become Miss Popularity over-night. Or ever, for that matter. I just hope to not suck, and to maybe make a few people smile.