I read a hilarious story some months back about tiramisú and the dangers of local idiom...

The writer, a Washington Post columnist, was given a tiramisú recipe because he loved it so much. He set off making it himself, dutifully following the directions. It didn't look quite right going into the dish. It looked less right after refrigeration. His family members, upon receiving it, tried it politely but firmly refused second helpings.

Distraught, he went back to the friend who had bequeathed him the recipe and asked for advice. He was shocked to learn that ladyfingers in Europe and the US are sponge cake-like cookies, and not okra as he knew them in his native India.

Lovely mental image there of tapering green pods soaked in espresso and brandy, layered with mascarpone cheese...I don't even want to think about how it tasted.