Oh come now, back when i was a wee youngster, my aunt also came over from Malaysia and brought a 144-in-one cartridge. Sure it was painted some sort of green cheese color, and sure heaps of the games were simply repeats ("I've never heard of Turbo Super, Ultra, Mega, Super Mario Brothers 69-II Alpha mommy...") but this thing was absolutely fantastic!

This thing rocked my socks! There I was a conservative youngster in an age of innocence, where a single game cartridge cost like $20 a piece. Being an unemployed cancer of society - and eleven years old - a new game was few and far between, meaning I had 3 games, and even though I had the attention span of a goldfish, they did get BORING.

So when my auntie brought over this $2 cartridge with 144!?~!~!#@(!!$ games on it I pretty much or less messed my pants. My game library had just multiplied exponentially! I was a happy youngster indeed.

Sure it was completely illegal, sure it smelt and looked bad, sure I had to spend 20 minutes of the day bashing the shit out of my NES to get it working, but one hundred and forty four games? Well worth it.

Aye, that cartridge contained many a reason why I'm a pale skinny geek in front of a computer today.

God bless.