One of the more interesting and puzzling (from a play perspective) aspects of this game is the weaponry.

Firstly, real weapons are utilized. As stated in previous writeups, you are always the US Army, so each side always has the same choices. Ignoring the special forces scenario, your choices are usually limited to the following:

The puzzling aspect occurs when you, on the Army side, face your opponents on the OPFOR side (even though the OPFOR team thinks they are the Army).

The enemy shoots at you with burst fire and single shot M16s... yet if you kill them, you can pick up their weapon... which is miraculously an AK-47, which has two fire choices, full auto and single shot!

This occurs throughout the game, as the weapons the enemy uses and the weapons they drop always have small differences. This is understandable, as the Army wants you to play the Army, not the OPFOR, yet puzzling, when you hear an AK-47 fired burst fire when it doesn't have that option.

Another small note is that the M80 sniper rifle is billed in training as a ordnance disposal rifle. The training for it is hitting a small mortar shell several hundred yards away, and they mention in training that this gun can be used to destroy vehicle engine blocks.

This should make you think, as you sight in for a head shot, on what exactly this gun will do to the human body.