To begin, we must first define our terms. To put it simply, survival is what you must do whenever you find that you and civilization have parted ways. This can happen, broadly speaking, in four ways.

  1. Day to day events, such as a mugging, or a vehicular accident.
  2. Natural disasters, like hurricanes, floods, wildfires, etc. Manmade disasters, such as terrorist attacks, can also be included in this category.
  3. Getting lost in the woods.
  4. Societal hiccup, or The End Of The World As We Know It, abbreviated as TEOTWAWKI.

The above have been ordered from most- to least-probable. Keep in mind there is a vast probability gap between two and three, and a huge gap between three and four. In duration, the above can be categorized as:

  1. A few minutes to a few hours
  2. A few hours to a few days
  3. A few days to a few weeks
  4. A few weeks or much longer.

These situations will be covered later in the nodes (tentatively titled)

  • A Bad Day
  • Surviving A Disaster
  • Help, I'm Lost in the Woods!
  • It's TEOTWAWKI and I feel fine

But first, we cover the basics of survival. Taking care of your needs. To stay alive you need (in order of importance) air, shelter, water, food, a way of staying warm/cool, and the means to protect yourself and the things covering your previous needs. There are both tools and skills available to make this daunting task easier, never fear. The one thing you cannot get, but must already have, is the will to survive. This may sound trite, but will is everything. The will to fight and survive are what allowed your ancestors to produce you, and hopefully they will help you carry on.



Basic Needs

  • Air
  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Fire/Shade
  • Security
(More will follow as the project progresses)