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writing...just to get my writing read and to leave a mark on the world when I'm gone.
Writing, singing, playing the piano, anything related to Edgar Allan Poe
"When life gives you lemons,make lemonade. Then go someone who's life is givin' them taquilla and have a party."-Ron White
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I like to keep my identity a secret when it comes to my writing. You can simply call me Wilson although my full alias (psuedonym,whatever) is M.Rose Wilson. I write fiction and sometimes if I'm in the mood, a little autobiographical nonfiction. (There's a mouthfull.) My true love is writing and I do it all the time.

Now,a little about myself. I'm very melancholy (due to depression which I have been hospitalized for..but I don't want to get into that) and don't have many friends because I'm afraid of meeting people. I have a social phobia,especially with crouds. I have very odd sleeping patterns,so messed up to the point of being completely nocturnal. Other than writing, I love to play the piano, sing, and paint.

This may seem odd, but one important thing I think I should include in here is that I adore the Victorian era and would give anything to go back and live during that time. I try my best to make due since I can't by lighting candles in my room and not using electricity, dressing in dresses and lacy nightgowns, and writing with a quill and ink. It's sort of pointless because despite my best efforts to attain a 19th century feel to my life, I still have a damned facebook. (Just know I only keep it to talk to the two friends I DO have...)

Anyway,that's about it. I have a pretty boring life but make up for it with exciting writing.

Now,if you'll excuse me, the kettle is boiling and I need a cup of tea and a smoke.