Not trying to flame or anything fustflurn. But I don't think every religion is about blindly accepting faith. In fact I think some religions encourage questioning ones own faith. I know mine does, but mine is not a major religion, so I'm not sure you will really accept it as counting. So in stead of saying religion say my religion. In any case my friend always says "Everyone knows code is unholy".

flustflurn: This probably knocks a few points away from my argument, but I can't name any specifically, just that I have heard of it before. It is also something that I practice in my own personal religion. I guess I just felt the need to rant because it makes me angry when people go off on things they don't know anything about. For instance a whole bunch of people got mad at Kevin Smith because of his film Dogma, even though it doesn't really bash religion. To me it seemed to encourage religion. It was just trying to get people to think about their own faith, and how a lot of people just go to church out of habit and not to worship God.