8. Natural selection has severe logical inconsistencies.

Natural selection has these and many other logical inconsistencies: (a.) Although evolutionists say that organisms are suited for their environment because they evolved into it, being suited for the environment is much better explained by the fact that they were created for the environment rather than that they evolved into it.

There have been cases of animals evolving to an environment during the period of written history. There is a species of dwarf elk that live on an island up north. Now the dwarf species doesn't make much sense to begin with. The elk needs its large size to protect itself from predators. But on this island the elk has no predators. However its snowy environment hinders its ability to find food, so its large size becomes a hinderance. The large elk that used to reproduce and pass off their "large gene" are no longer living as long and not passing this gene on enough. However the slightly smaller animals are better adapted for their environment and reproduce more often, passing along their "smaller gene". This process repeats itself(yes things are cylclical) but that doesn't discount evolution. Eventually you end up with a dwarf species.
You know there is this thing on the TV called the Discovery Channel that presents scientific information in a very non-threatening manner, maybe you should check it out

(b.) The fact that living things have similar patterns and design points to a common designer better than to a common ancestor. In fact, such variety in the world could not have been produced if we all come from the same ancestor.

Previously in your post you used the example of the dog. Are you saying that there is no great variety in dogs? We consciously evolved them as we saw fit(Personally I don't see why creationism and evolution can't go hand in hand). Are you saying there isn't much of a difference between a chihuahua and a great dane or even a basset hound.

(c.) If we all come from the same ancestor, we would all be murderers and cannibals by the simple act of killing a cow.

What is illogical about murder and cannibalism. You seem to be stating that these things are impossible. I have news for you, people get murdered every day. Moral dilemas are caused by your brain. The human species evolved these things so that a greater number of offspring could be created(we don't breed in litters you know). We needed to spare as much offspring as we could to increase our numbers.(I say it's worked, we need a harsher society to bring about a stronger gene pool. That however is an opionated statement, much like the ones I am refuting).

(d.) While small and underdeveloped things do become grown and developed (a baby to an adult, a seed to a tree) it is also true that the small and underdeveloped first come from the developed (a baby from its parents, a seed from a tree). The pattern of growth is circular not simply from the crude to the developed as natural selection proposes.

Once again yes nature is cycliclal, so is evolution. If you want smaller circles read The Fourth Turning it is sort of unrelated but shows the cyclical nature of things. We will someday destroy our world and it will all start over.

(e.) Our needs exceed those of survival. Needs for love and friendship, for example, cannot be explained if all that we do is for survival.

Yup, we need friends. We have a tribal instinct. Have you ever heard the saying "There is strength in numbers" well it is true. Wolves hunt in packs, it is needed for their survival. We at one point needed this same mentality, we still do(we have a government to protect us from others). As for love, it encourages reproduction, does it not. It also encourages us to protect our young so that our genes will get passed on to another generation. If we were created why did I have to get six wisdom teeth pulled? It seems to be a bad engineering decision for the "Man Upstairs" to design me in such a way(I'm a little pissed as well, being a mutant hurts, except when you have positive evolution such as not having any wisdom teeth).

(f.) Order and interdependence in the world argues for a designed and against chance.

This is a somewhat philosophical/religous tangent. I believe that our world is governed by a higher power, some type of god. I consider myself a non-denominational christian/agnostic. I believe that our world is governed by something, to please any Taoists out there I call it the way. In the way there exists both order and chaos. Some things happen because they are supposed to, and sometimes stuff just happens for no reason at all. You seem to be coming from the christian standpoint. I have a problem with most what I call "traditional christians", they believe that God is some guy sitting up in the clouds waiting to chat with them when they die. These are the people who don't understand infinite series and don't believe that .9 repeating = 1. God is infinite that is why no one can look directly at him in the bible, humans aren't really capable of comprehending the infinite. I apologize for going on my own religious rant, but that seems to be the purpose for this node.