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A small island off the coast of [Portugal], 11 km away from the town of [Peniche]. Part of the Berlengas archipelago, together with the Farilhões, Estelas, and Forcadas islands, Berlenga is about 800 m long by 1.5 km wide, and has a maximum altitude of 85 meters. It consists entirely of pink [granite].

Many thousands of [seagull]s live on Berlenga, as well as several [rabbit]s and a handfull of [rat]s. There are a score of [hut]s for [fishermen] who sleep there between days fishing, an ancient fort, and a small hotel. A beautiful [beach] is nestled in between the cliffs adjacent to the fishermen's huts, drawing a steady stream of summer tourists, as well as a famous cave called the Cave of Dreams. Occasionally phosphorescent algae mobs the ocean, creating fabulous night-time displays.

Camping permits are available from the tourist center in [Peniche].